Improving web3 UX: Automating non-core dApp processes
FREE online meeting with Co-founders of, Roman Behma and Johannes Kern
What will discuss?
How developers can leverage tooling to automate dApp infrastructure, smart contracts in dApps, any custom on-chain or off-chain computation, blockchain applications;
Why web3 UX is broken and what can be done about it;
We will look at practical use cases on how to use Nerif in the development of DeFi, insurance, gaming, and NFTs;
Will talk about how Nerif can save tons of money for your project;
Will touch on a very important topic of security when developing our own dApps.
To whom the event will be useful
  • blockchain developers and programmers who want to learn more deeply how to build on the blockchain
  • Web3 and IT startups
  • anyone who at least once thought about creating their own NFT collection
  • game developers in the field of NFT gaming, P2E
  • anyone interested in creating Apps on the blockchain
  • When?
    June 14 at 5:00 p.m
  • Where?
    Zoom, we will send the link to the mail specified in the application
  • How long?
    From 17:00 to 18:30
Experience will be shared
  • Roman Behma
    Co-founder and CEO
    Accomplished tech entrepreneur with 8+ years of experience in software and infrastructure development. Built from scratch and sold his first startup within 2 years timeframe. In blockchain since 2018, worked with top-tier projects (i.e. Polygon, Chainlink), advised and helped various blockchain startups to set up core infrastructure. At Nerif Roman is harboring the overall vision and is responsible for the foundational work of product development.
  • Johannes Kern
    Co-founder and Head of Growth
    Web3 veteran with experience both from the tech as well as the investment side. Helped to build digital assets investment manager L1 Digital into an investment powerhouse after having started his professional web3 career at Swisscom Blockchain working with decentralized projects and implementing successful go-to-market strategies.
Moderator of the meeting
  • Viktoriia Pushkina
    Technical Editor at Highload
    Viktoriia is a journalist with a background in programming. She has a Master's degree in Data Science and has been working with texts for more than 8 years, of which she has been writing articles about IT and technologies, including blockchain and Web3, for more than two.

    At Highload, she edits technical texts and conducts interviews.
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